Make Your Own Wood Mosaic Without Using Tools

Did you know you can make your own wood wall art without using any tools?
Well you can! AND they make a great gift for a loved one (although I'd want to keep it for myself)
Arbor Haven offers DIY wood mosaic kits for you to purchase here. We do all the hard work of cutting the pieces and gluing the frame on. You get to do the fun part which is the painting and/or staining however you choose! Still not sure if a DIY Mosaic Kit is what you're looking for? Keep reading to learn more about them.
Materials Included In Kit
-Numbered pieces
-Hanging hardware
Additional Materials Needed Not Included In Kit
 -Paint/stain (I like to use this for stain, it dries in one hour, and you can find a variety of colors. The paint I like to use isn't available right now, but once it is I'll link it here.)
-Finishing supplies such as a paint brush
-Damp rag
-Topcoat (if desired, I like to use this for a topcoat, it goes on well and it's water based so it doesn't smell bad like an oil-based finish does.)
-Phillips Screwdriver (such as this one) 
Okay now that we covered the materials, let's look at the process.
Step 1: Paint frame and unnumbered side of mosaic pieces. Do NOT paint the edges of the pieces (this may affect how the pieces fit). Do NOT paint the board where the numbers are. Templates of the mosaic kit design are included in the kit, so if you aren't sure how you want to paint/stain the pieces you can experiment on paper first.
Step 2: Once the pieces are dry, sort and layout pieces with the numbers facing up
Step 3: Apply glue to the board ensuring glue gets to every piece location. Have fun with it, draw whatever squiggles you want with the glue but it is important to make sure you can still see the numbers where each piece goes.
Step 4: Starting with piece #1 place pieces on board in chronological order with the number side down. Wipe up any glue that squeezes out as you go with a damp rag. If you have trouble getting a piece to fit, adjust pieces already placed by pushing them up, down, or to the side until they fit. You can also use the sandpaper to sand down a side to help it fit.
Note: the pieces go together a little differently every time. Each mosaic has been put together to ensure the pieces fit well. Some gaps may be present between pieces.
Step 5: Press down on all pieces to ensure they are lying flat, check for any more glue squeeze out and wipe up with damp rag.
Step 6: Let glue dry. I like to let the mosaic sit overnight.
Step 7: If desired apply the topcoat.
Step 8: Fasten the hanging hardware on the back of the board using a phillips screwdriver. Screw the screws into the pre-drilled holes on the back of the board. There may be holes on multiple sides on the back of the board so you can choose how you would like the mosaic to hang.
Step 9: Stand back and admire your new wood art!
Once your DIY Mosaic Kit is complete we’d love to see it! Share a picture of your wood mosaic on Facebook or Instagram and tag @arborhavenhome or send it to us in a message for a chance to be featured on our social media!
If you're interested in a DIY Mosaic Kit you can purchase one here.
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